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The Training Place has over 18 years of process and performance consulting experience. We are truly passionate about process and believe that a successful journey is dependent on having the right road map. All the companies we work with have different destinations: corporate and
organizational goals, resource availability, and industry challenges – so we
have seen it all. Our Strategic Process Consultants will offer you real world
suggestions that are practical and useful for your organization. Depending on your needs, our Strategic Process Consultants can offer you the following assistance.

Needs Analysis

Choosing the right solution for your any of your business objectives can be tricky. How do you separate the flashy features from the necessary ones? What is the proper configuration of features for your company’s goals? Our needs analysis provides an in depth view of your current business processes and your upcoming business goals to provide you with a clear understanding of your needs. We will then help you turn that into a list of required outcomes that you can use when talking to vendors about your functional needs for a product or service.

Implementation Consulting

Essential to successful use of any solution is proper integration and adoption of the technology into your process. Our strategic process engagement is part of the implementation process.

Interactive and collaborative engagement techniques for rapid & accurate implementation
  • Business, process, people, and technology alignment
  • Choosing communication methods that fit your organization
  • Incorporate the right incentives and encourage participation
  • Ensure your communication plan and schedule will take you past the
    implementation and learning curve phases into adoption.
  • Definition of critical success factors
  • Consensus driving and Stakeholder agreement
  • Clarification of corporate staffing goals


Follow-up Consulting

Take that all important 2nd look at your original rollout and integration process. Make sure that the process you have implemented indeed
supports your goals. Do you need to make any adjustments based on what you learned during your user training or initial rollout? This session is a focused consultation on your initial process design to make any required adjustments to process or policy.



Additional Consulting Services

Need some help with other aspects of your organization? Take advantage of the additional services our Consultants can provide to your organization.

These services

  • Contract Training
  • Training Design
  • Training Administration
  • Certification Development
  • Application Installation
  • Employee Development Services
  • Healthcare
  • Managed Care Consulting
  • Meeting Management
  • Vendor Negotiations/RFP
  • Staff Performance
  • Sales Training
  • Management Development

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