Contract Training and Training Administration

ü  Need trainers to train either your end users or your clients on applications?

ü  Need online trainers for your distance learning or real time Web training?

ü  Need trainers to back up your full time trainers?

ü  Need staff development , regulatory, or safety trainers?

The Training Place specializes in providing high quality, cost effective training for any training needs. 

If you are a software or applications vendor or developer, we can provide training and implementation services for your customers.


If you are an organization who needs training for your end users, The Training Place can provide training for initial implementation of software and/or ongoing training if needed. We simply get you or your vendor to train us if it is a proprietary application and we then can provide training for your end users at much lower costs.


If you need trainers to deliver your staff development, safety, or regulatory training, The Training Place can provide reliable, consistent services customized to your environment or business requirements.


Rather than maintaining a full time employee for training that occurs sporadically or is a one time training need, you can use our contracted training services and get professional training at less cost to you.

Should you need temporary trainers to back up your full time trainers when there is a heavier training load or when your full time trainers are unavailable, call us and we will provide temporary services.

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