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We can help you identify and find solutions to improve the effectiveness of your policy and procedure system by identification and finding solutions to some of the issues you may face such as:


Replacing Status Quo Methodologies: The first step for many organizations is to determine their requirements and then create their policies and procedures accordingly. However, this is where many organizations quit. They create a comprehensive policy manual or binder, distribute it to their employees and never mention it again. Do you really think your employees are reading the manual and identifying the specific roles and responsibilities that apply to them?


In todays world, employees need to access your policies, procedures, and processes from anywhere on multiple devices:

  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Cell phone

​You need the ability to have changes to your documents immediately available to your employees.


The functionality and pricing of online software now offers an effective soution to any organization, regardless of size or complexity.


There is no one policy and procedure management software that is right for every organization.  It is important to select the one that is right for you!


Because of extensive experience with many software programs available today, we are experts in helping select the best software platform for your needs.


If you do not have a policy and procedure management software in place and are searching for the right solution, we can help:

  • Identify the software platforms that would fit your needs
  • Assist in vendor negotiation 
  • Assist in implementation of your selected platform


If you have a current solution in place but it is not meeting your needs or staff is complaining it is too difficult to use, we can:

  • Evaluate if it is the software or just the way your system was set up and implemented that is the problem
    • ​If that is the case, we can help reconfigure it to address your issues
  • If the software is missing the functionality you need we can:
    • Identify the software platforms that would fit your needs
    • Assist in vendor negotiation 
    • Assist in implementation of your selected platform


Training Writers for Employee Engagement: Most policies and procedures are developed and written by very busy subject matter experts who are primarily responsible for other job tasks in very busy work environments. Most have had no training in writing effective policies and procedures. Are your policies and procedures too long, poorly written, or poorly organized to ensure employee engagement?


Ensuring Ongoing Compliance: In order to ensure compliance, organizations must ensure all employees are trained and understand requirements for HIPAA/HITECH, FERPA, OSHA, FMLA, JCAHO, CMS and other state and federal regulations.


Keeping Up with Escalating Risks and Challenges: All employees (and third-parties) should be reminded on an ongoing basis about your organization's policies and procedures as risks, regulations, best practices, etc. are constantly evolving. As regulations, risks and threats change, are you updating your procedures or are your policies still the same as the day you first created them?


Avoiding Expensive and Embarrassing Incidents: Many organizations are too flexible with requirements and can expose themselves to expensive and embarrassing data breaches, lawsuits, losses and mistakes by not implementing clearly defined policies.


Communicating to All Affected Personnel: It is critical for organizations of all sizes to not only create comprehensive policies and procedures ongoing, but to ensure those policies have been implemented down to the individual level and read, understood and acknowledged by all employees (staff, management, third-parties, vendors, contractors, first responders, etc.).


Improving Safety and Preparedness: Do your employees know what to do in the event of a disaster? What is the organization's emergency plan? What are their individual roles and responsibilities? Should they evacuate? Where do they go? Where is the emergency call list? Are systems back-up on a daily basis? And so on... It is critical for your organization to ensure all individuals understand their requirements before, during and after an incident occurs.


Documenting, Documenting, Documenting: Are employees signing off on certain policies required by federal and state regulations? Actually implementing policies, procedures, plans and processes means organizations have documentation and proof that individuals have read, understood and acknowledged their roles and responsibilities. Regulations require proof of implementation. Legal due diligence requires proof of implementation.







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