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Let us assist you in the entire life cycle of your application!

The Training Place can install and assist in implementation and project management for your applications whether you are a vendor or an end user.  We specialize in providing contracted services for any size project.  After installation and implementation we can go even further and provide Contracted Training Services for the application.  Need even more assistance, we can provide Contracted Training Administration as well!




The Training Place began as a Healthcare Consulting firm over 15 years ago and has evolved into a consulting network in a variety of market segments.  Integration of human learning performance and technology is combined to provide effective solutions to the challenges we face today both inside of and outside of the workplace.

The founder, Nita Nugent Bowers PHD has been involved in training technology, sales, and human resources for 25 years.  Her early experience in social service settings provided a base for understanding human performance issues and her later experience in computer technology has provided the right combination to begin providing multi-faceted solutions for organizations and individuals.  She has been providing customized learning and organization performance consulting services for over 15 years.

She has provided learning system design, deployment planning, and project
management for over 200 clients in the United States. Her client base includes a variety of  settings including Healthcare, Retail, Industrial, Technology, and Sales and Marketing firms.  As a Inscape Publishing (Formerly Carlson Learning Company) Learning Systems distributor, she provides a "total solutions" approach to staff development and organization performance improvement.  She offers the products, on-site services, and "train the trainer" resources to enable organizations to become self sufficient in the delivery and maintenance of their projects.

Nita Bowers PhD

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