Lean Six Sigma Training and Consulting

The Training Place can offer these services to assist your business: 

  • Business Process Analysis will analyze your organization's operations and provide advice on how to make your processes more efficient. 
  • Lean evaluation and implementation to aid your organization in eliminating waste and implement six sigma processes. 
  • Staff development and training will facilitate an evolution in your workplace culture to achieve leadership buy-in and encourage employee fulfillment and retention.  By utilizing tools such as Lean and Six Sigma introductory and project management training, The Five Behaviors and DiSC assessments, values-based coaching, and other traditional and non-traditional approaches, The Training Place provides your leaders and staff a tool box of real-world, directly applicable skills that they can begin using immediately upon their return to the office to further enhance their technical skills . By developing an understanding of your workplace vision, mission and values, as well as learning the specific dynamics of your leadership and project teams,The Training Place develops unique customized courses for your teams and organizations to maximize your improvement initiatives. 

Our customized consulting approach ensures that our clients achieve sustainable, competitive and long lasting results. As a Lean Six Sigma consulting firm, we seek to be ‘Agents of Change’—for our clients, our staff, and our society.

The Training Place will help you identify the highest-value opportunities, focus on the most critical challenges and help to transform your business. We are here to help you change your business for the better and achieve operational excellence. 


Nita Bowers PhD

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